This Project uses Y-DNA STR Marker Tests ONLY!

Hi, my name is Tom Hutchison and I am the Volunteer Administrator of the Pritchard - Pritchett - Prickett DNA Project. I volunteered to administrate this project because I have Pritchett Ancestors in my family tree. This project is open to all who wish to join without regard to what company was used to test their Y-DNA. There is absolutely no cost to join this project or become of registered user of this website. Please read this before you order a DNA test.

Our project is open to any male of any of the listed surnames or to any man believing that he is descended from one of the listed surnames:

Pritchard, Prichard, Pritchett, Prickett, Prickitt, Prichart, Prichett, and Pritchart

If you don't see your variation above, please let the administrator know and it can be added.

Ways to join the Pritchard - Pritchett - Prickett DNA Project

If you have tested mtDNA or atDNA(autosomal DNA) you cannot join this project nor can your test results be compared to members of this project. You must be a male or have a male relative who tested Y-DNA specifically. This means, AncestryDNA, Family Finder and 23andMe test results cannot be used. Click here for an example of Y-DNA test results.
  • If you have not already Y-DNA tested, please go to our project's How to Join page. Of course you may email the project's administrator at any time using the Contact Us form if you need help or have questions.
  • If you already have tested your Y-DNA with a company, please use the Contact Us form.