There is a new family group in the Pritchard DNA Project! These are part of the MA Prichards who came to the new world very early, the 1600's. Here is the base paternal line.

1. William Prichard b. 1634 Lynn, MA - d. 1675 Brookfield, MA
2. John Prichard b. abt 1644/45 Lynn, MA m. Mary Towne
3. John Prichard b. 29 Feb 1680/1 Ipswich, MA m. Sarah Averill
4. John Prichard b. 14 Dec 1706 Topsfield, MA m Sarah
5. Paul Prichard b. 5 Sep 1721 Falmouth, ME m. Hannah Perley
6. John Prichard b. 8 Mar 1766 Boxford, MA m. Lovica (Louise) Wilkins
7. George Washington Prichard b. 18 Mar 1816 m. Lydia (Elizabeth) Ann Carter
8. George Mortimer Prichard b. 16 Jun 1858 Fitchburg, MA m. Caroline (Carrie) Huldah Lessenden
9. Frank Lessenden Prichard b. 16 Sep 1896 Osawatomie, KS m. Helen May Griffin