If you have not Y-DNA tested, then you or a male relative must test to join this project. The recommended company for testing is FTDNA because, they have the largest and oldest Y-DNA database. This increases the chances of finding a genetic cousin.

Once again, our project is open to any male of any of the listed surnames or to any man believing that he is descended from one of the listed surnames:

Pritchard, Pritchett, Prichard, Prichart, Prichett, Prickett, Pritchart, and variations.

Participants are sought from all parts of the world. If you don't see your surname variant spelling, please ask, it can be added to the list.

Who can test?

The tested individual must be a male in order to check his paternal line (father's father's ... father's and so on line). Y-DNA is passed only from a father to son and from any of his sons to their sons and so on. Females interested in this project should look for a father, brother or male cousin that bears one of the surnames above that is listed for this project.

Females can also order a test for themselves, which will be the mtDNA or mtDNAPlus, but the results of their test do not tie to any one Surname Project generally speaking. An mtDNA test will only yeild results of a female's mother's mother ... and so on back in a straight line. The mtDNA test is a type of test generally used to disprove relationships, but can be used to prove them with some extraordinary effort. It is very difficult to use mtDNA in conjunction with genealogy.

Click here to place an order for a DNA test at Family Tree DNA

What are the specifics if I decide to test my Y-DNA with FTDNA?

First, the administrator(s) DO NOT received any type of compensation. This project's as well as any of the other FTDA project administrators are strictly volunteers. Family Tree DNA, of Houston, TX is the World's leading genetic genealogy testing company for Surname Y-DNA Projects. All tests include an estimate of the "Haplogroup" (an indication of deep ancestry). Click on the Marker Comparison Chart of the Y-DNA markers tested by different companies.

You test the largest number of markers you can afford. Most serious researchers will eventually upgrade to at least 37 markers. These are the costs of a Y-DNA test when you join any surname project, such as this one, at the time of an order.

  • 67 marker test $239
  • 37 marker test $149 (Minimum test for use with genealogy research)
  • 25 marker test is $124
  • 12 marker screening test is $99

All tests add $2 for US postage and $4 for international postage

The test is a simple cheek swab. The kit will arrive and leave your house by mail. You simply rub the inside of your cheek a number of times with a special scraper, put the kit back into the return envelope, and put it in the mail.

If you wish to participate in this project, you may place an order for a Y-DNA test and submit your Paternal Lineage.

What do I do if I have questions?

If you still have questions, contact the Project Administrator using our Contact Us Form.