One thing that is lacking at many DNA Project websites is a sense of community and information concerning the surname project. Together with your help, this Project will strive to keep all members up-to-date on news concerning this Project.

For Example

Need quick up-to-date Project News? Just see the left side bar found on most of this website's pages, it contains all the current news concerning the website, tests in progress, new matches in family groups and up coming events. If you have any news to let the other Project members know about, use the Contact Page, to email the project's administrator what you want the other members and visitors to know.

The Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett DNA Project would be proud to post any Success Stories as they happen. We just need our members to provide them!  They are a shining example of how Genetic Genealogy can work for you. Here are some for other surnames at the ISOGG site.

Please remember, Y-DNA projects are the most successful when the project's individual members are active and engaged.