Have you already had your DNA tested?

If you have already gotten your yDNA tested by Ancestry.com, Relative Genetics, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, Oxford Ancestors, DNA Heritage or one of the other DNA testing companies, you can join this project by sending your yDNA test results and Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett pedigree to this project's administrator. You can use our Contact Us Form and the project's administrator will email you back with more information.

When you join the Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett DNA Project, your yDNA and Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett pedigree will be analyzed for free to determine whether or not you fit into a Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett family groups that have already been established through yDNA analysis. It is also possible that you will match one of the Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett singletons who have not yet found a Pritchard match, thereby establishing a new Pritchard family group.

Even if you do not have a match, you may still join and take advantage of having your information put into the database in case of a future match. This is one of the reasons that this website was established, providing a location of all yDNA signatures of the Pritchard ▪ Pritchett ▪ Prickett members. By providing some basic very information, it can aid others in finding matches with their yDNA and help with understanding how to use their results.