DNA Success Stories

Have a Pritchard, Pritchett or Prickett DNA Success Story?  Contact the Volunteer Project Administrator and submit it.  The Pritchard - Pritchett - Prickett DNA Project would be proud to post any Success Stories as they happen.  We just need our members to provide them!  They are a shining example of how Genetic Genealogy can work for you.  Below are the ones we have for the project already or you can look here for other surnames with similar Success Stories at the ISOGG website.

 By Jim Pritchett & John Pritchett (Family Group 1)

     The arrival of three members of the Pritchett Group 1 in Beaufort County, North Carolina, on November 4, 2009, was the culmination of a journey that began three centuries ago.  The group's genealogy research had progressed independently and simultaneously in four different areas of the United States. Clay, (Lubbock, Texas), Rodney, (Marietta, Georgia), Jim, Monroe, Michigan) and John, (Powell, Ohio) are the four cousins who until November, 2008 hadn't met or corresponded with each other.  They were working toward the same goals; identifying, documenting and eventually visiting the land where their Pritchett forefathers had lived.  Their participation in the Family Tree Y-DNA Project brought them together and provided the documentation to show that they were descended from common Pritchett Ancestors.  This discovery eventually lead them full circle back to Beaufort County, North Carolina for a mini-family reunion three hundred years in the making. 

     Their membership in the Y-DNA Project also reinforced comments from various people who had seen the attached photo and commented: "You can sure tell that you guys are cousins, in fact you look like brothers".  Another benefit of their membership in the Y-DNA project was the documented proof that their Pritchett descendants had migrated to different parts of the United States.