The family groups and singles shown on the Patriarchs Page  have been established through Y-DNA analysis unless otherwise noted. The Y-DNA signatures of these different Pritchard, Prichard, Pritchett and Prickett family groups indicate their unique Y-DNA lines are not related to each other within 1,000 years or more. The Kit #'s listed under a Haplogroup Singleton are probably not related to anyone else listed here through their unique lines within 1,000 years. This suggests the surnames Pritchard and Pritchett were adopted by many different unrelated men as surnames gradually came into existence from 1000 AD to 1800 AD. In other words, we do not all trace back to a single Pritchard or Pritchett family. If you do not find your Pritchard or Pritchett family on the Patriarchs page today, be sure to check back frequently in the future.

We list all pedigrees for those who wish to be listed. We also post Y-DNA results and pedigrees obtained from other online public databases. If you recognize your Y-DNA results or pedigree and wish to have them removed, please contact the administrator of this project. We hope that all Pritchard and Pritchett families will eventually be listed on this page. We also hope to ultimately locate male descendants of every Pritchard or Pritchett family to arrange for their DNA testing. Participation in the DNA Project is not a requirement for listing on this page, but we strongly encourage DNA testing.

Please note that these pedigrees do not contain a lot of detailed information. They are intended to allow a researcher to identify a family of interest. They are NOT intended to provide all of the information that is known about these families or to reveal the identity of any participants. Each ancestor's information should fit on one line and include name, birth date, birth place and wife's name. These pedigrees do not include any marriage information other than the name of the wife, and do not include any death information or any details on the wife.