Already been tested at Family Tree DNA?

FTDNA makes it easy for you to join the project. There is no charge to join another project and you may belong to as many surname projects as you wish at the same time. Actually you can now belong to as many surname projects, geographic projects, y-haplogroupi projects (if you have been yDNA tested) and mt-haplogroup project(if you have been mtDNA tested) as you like. The following is how to join if you already have your test results with FTDNA.

1. Go to Family Tree DNA and sign in using the kit number and password that they gave you in an email sent to you when you were tested.

2. In your FTDNA personal page is a blue button labeled "Join Projects" in the top left corner of the page. Click on that button.

3. Select the surname of the project you wish to join. FTDNA will provide you with a list of projects that may be of interest to you based on your surname, haplogroup, geographic information about your EKA(Earliest Known Ancestor). You may also have to search for the surname or you can click the links to browse all the projects available.

4. Once you click on the desired project you wish to join, you will then have to select a second gray join button which is lower on the page and to the right.

When you have joined the project, the Project Administrator will be notified by FTDNA, and your results will be available for posting on the Project's Results Page.

Or if you prefer, you can email FTDNA and ask them to transfer you into the project. Use the contact page at FTDNA.