The 1623 VA census lists two dead Thomas Prichards, one in Warwick County and the other in James City. 

Further Information

The James City Thomas Pritchard later appeared in Warwick court records as Lt. Colonel Thomas Prichard in 1661 and his will as Colonel Thomas Prichard is recorded in Warwick in 1689. He died in 1690 without issue. 

The Warwik County Thomas who died before the 1623 census left a son named Thomas as wellborn (of goodly heritage) in 1618. This son is the Captain who petitioned the House of Burgesses from Denbigh Parish in Warwick in 1656.  That Thomas died in Westmoreland County in 1670.

Therefore, this latter father/son combination are the progenitors of the Pritchards from the Northern Neck region of Virginia residing in Northumberland, Westmoreland, Richmond, King George, Prince William and Loudoun Counties during the next century.